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Efficient Use of Capital with Higher Volatility Investment Strategies

Joe Barrato

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Joseph Barrato

CEO, Director of Investment Strategies, Arrow Funds

Session date and time 
May 1, 2023
12:50 - 1:15 p.m.     

Did you know there are alternative products that are fully diversified so that losses can be offset during times of equity market stress, but you need less cash for it to impact your overall portfolio? In a volatile world, opportunity and risk will appear in short order. The flexibility to incorporate tactical and alternative must be the watchword. In this session, you will learn how higher volatility strategies can greatly complement what many investors already own. We will also learn how alternative strategies offer low correlation because they have the ability to generate alpha in bear markets.

ACE Academy 2023
April 30-May 3, 2023
San Diego, CA 


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Joseph Barrato
CEO, Director of Investment Strategies, Arrow Funds

Joseph Barrato has more than 25 years of experience in the investment management industry, including six years with Rydex Investments. As the director of research, he developed models and algorithms and was responsible for helping Rydex pioneer their exchange-traded fund (ETF) and active alternative products, including the industry’s first smart beta ETF. Before joining Rydex, Barrato spent 12 years at the Federal Reserve Board during Alan Greenspan’s tenure. Barrato founded Arrow Funds in 2006, where he developed several successful commercial solutions, products, and strategies for the mutual fund and ETF industry. Barrato is a portfolio manager, which includes Arrow’s five-star Tactical Macro Fund.

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