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Adding Housing Wealth to a Retirement Plan

Stephen Resch

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Stephen J. Resch

Vice President, Retirement Strategies Division, Finance of America Reverse

Session date and time 
May 2, 2023
11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.     

Retirement planning has traditionally excluded housing wealth, however, for many clients this can represent 50% or more of their net worth. With higher inflation rates and volatile investment markets, many advisors are now taking a fresh look at reverse mortgages. With income tax-free proceeds and no required monthly payment, the reverse mortgage can be an effective option to incorporate housing wealth into an income bucket or other retirement planning strategy. 

During this session, Stephen Resch, a practicing financial advisor, will cover a brief overview of how the program works. He will then share case studies of using it to manage household cash flow by eliminating an existing mortgage payment, supplementing an asset distribution strategy or providing gap funding to delay Social Security and other pension distributions. This session also will look at how a reverse mortgage can be a safety net for long-term care risks, pay the taxes on Roth conversions and provide capital for gifting or other legacy objectives.

ACE Academy 2023
April 30-May 3, 2023
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Speaker Bio

Stephen J. Resch
Vice President, Retirement Strategies Division, Finance of America Reverse

As vice president of Retirement Strategies at Finance of America Reverse, Stephen Resch leads the education and training programs for financial professionals about the strategic use of home equity within a comprehensive financial plan. Resch’s career in financial services spans more than 36 years, and he has been an independent wealth advisor since 1994. His practice is focused on effective retirement income strategies and will often include a reverse mortgage to manage cash flow, income taxes, market performance and other considerations to help safeguard and enhance retirement and legacy objectives. Resch is a regular speaker at national industry events and is frequently interviewed by numerous media outlets.

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