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Adam Blumberg, CFP®

Co-Founder, Interaxis

Tales from the Crypt-O

The question isn’t whether your clients should or shouldn’t invest in crypto and digital assets – the reality is that they are already invested and will continue to invest in this space. While one of the biggest and most well-known risks associated with these alternatives is the price volatility, there are several others that advisors need to be aware of and prepared to address as the ways in which digital assets are being created, held, and used are constantly changing. From the security/custody risk associated with how crypto is held to the liquidity and counterparty risk that is present on many popular exchanges and lending platforms - this expert panel of thought leaders is prepared to go beyond the basics to address these important topics and more.



Adam Blumberg has been in financial aervices for more than 12 years, starting with an insurance broker-dealer, and moving to his own RIA which he started with his partner, Ron Dixon. He is the co-founder of Interaxis, a company dedicated to educating financial professionals about digital assets, cryptocurrency, blockchain and other alternative assets. The Interaxis YouTube channel has over 10,000 subscribers. In 2021 Blumberg helped create and launch a course and certification to teach financial advisors how to make crypto and digital assets part of their practice. More than 350 advisors have been educated through this course and thousands of others through virtual presentations all over the world. In May 2021 he helped launch PlannerDAO, the first decentralized community for financial advisors. PlannerDAO has grown to more than 1,000 members.