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About the Challenge

Spend the next 100 days building strong retirement management habits, strategies and techniques.

This academic commitment isn’t for everyone. It will take determination, perseverance and grit. It was designed for competitive professionals looking to challenge themselves over a period of 100 days. You will be pushed to approach things through a new lens, adopt new habits, and solve complex problems using our Retirement Management Advisor® framework.

Throughout your journey, you’ll have a team of top practitioners motivating and encouraging you. You’ll have exercises, review case studies and have thought-provoking discussions. The final step in your summer 100-Day Advisor Challenge culminates with a rigorous exam.* As a reward, you will earn bragging rights as a retirement expert! Upon passing the exam, you will be able to proudly showcase your Retirement Management Advisor® or RMA® credentials. So, get ready to push yourself.

* Individuals will be required to adhere to a code of ethics, sign a license agreement and pay a certificant fee.

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Key Takeaways

Gain the strategies, insights and methodologies to accelerate your career

Creating new habits is easier than you think.  We will spend 100 days exploring new methods and techniques so you can provide a higher level of service, challenging you to become a better, more rounded advisor. In this timeframe, you’ll secure a deep understanding of the retirement lifecycle and how to help your clients and prospects navigate through all the stages of retirement, not just the planning stages. We will guide you through various exercises and help you reach academic milestones too.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • A multidisciplinary, holistic approach to retirement planning
  • Turn-key skills for lifecycle savings and investing
  • Thorough knowledge of the household balance sheet
  • Strategies for planning for accumulation vs. decumulation (retirement income planning)
  • Skills to manage through all market and interest rate conditions
  • Ability to navigate changes in income sources, risk exposures, lifestyle choices and investment strategies
Discover What You'll Learn

Time Commitment

100 days – that’s all!

Up-and-coming rising stars and life long-learners will love this challenge, plus the process is simple. Once you sign on to be a Challenger, you’ll receive a welcome packet with everything you need to know. You’ll follow a guided plan, complete weekly tasks and be on your way to earning prestigious bragging rights.  

Attend our next informational webinar and get a better idea if the Challenge is right for you. Register here.

The Summer Challenge is composed of online self-paced modules and quizzes, check-in calls, and webcasts with Institute experts and faculty, and a two-day in-person Capstone in Chicago, IL, September 13-14, 2021*. For those who prefer to stay at home, they will receive an on-demand virtual Capstone recording.

*The in-person Capstone will take place during the Wealth Advisor Forum. For more details about the venue, click here.

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Understanding the enrollment process

Challengers must have 3 years of financial services experience. 

We recommend this program for individuals who work with clients in or nearing retirement.

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Apply by COB on 6/17/2021

The summer 100-Day Advisor Challenge starts June 24th and ends September 14th. We have an unlimited number of seats available so, round up your network and get started together!

After applying for the Retirement Management Advisor® certification, email rma@i-w.org with the subject "I'm taking the Summer 100-Day Challenge."

Application Deadline: June 17, 2021

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Use promo code Summer100AC to get $500 off!*

All summer 100-Day Advisor Challengers will receive $500 off the cost of the program when they apply the promo code at checkout. The summer 100-Day Advisor Challenge follows our RMA® certification program. Costs include the online course, the capstone and the first examination attempt.

$1,995 (Normally $2,495)

Individuals can apply up to 40 hours of CE credit toward their CIMA®, CPWA® or CFP® certifications.

*For new applicants only, cannot be used in combination with any other promo codes or discounts.

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We are here to help

Contact the Institute to help expedite your enrollment. Call us at 303-770-3377 or email us at learnmore@i-w.org for a consultation and ask about the “Summer 100-Day Advisor Challenge.”

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1. This is for new applicants only. Can not be used in combination with any other promo codes or offers. 

2. Offer is for a limited time and applies to the RMA certification program/Challenge starting June 24th only. 

3. The 100-Day Advisor Challenge should not be confused with the CFA Challenge, which allows individuals to test out of their executive educational track and fast track sitting for an examination for the CIMA® certification. Currently, the Institute is not offering the CFA Challenge.