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Andy Bernstein

Founder & CEO, Resilience Academy; Author of The Myth of Stress

Andy is the author of The Myth of Stress and the founder of the Resilience Academy. He teaches people a simple yet powerful 7-step process that helps shift mindset and transform challenges faster, with no jargon, stigma, or “touchy-feeliness.”

Since 2007, Andy has taught at Wharton Executive Education, where his programs are audience favorites because they are eye-opening, interactive, and real. He has extensive experience within wealth management, helping top financial advisors focus on the most important thing for greater happiness, stronger teams, and faster personal and professional growth. He also works extensively with client families to help them resolve challenges without blame and deepen “family flow.”

Clients include Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Wells Fargo, Raymond James, U.S. Trust, General Electric, Johnson & John-son, Google, Coca-Cola, Genentech, Patagonia, Colgate, and many others.

Andy also works pro bono with non-profit organizations addressing cancer, addiction, discrimination, and social change.

A former writer for the Muppets, Andy brings a combination of humor, intelligence, and relatability to his programs. He is not a canned academic speaker or a “sage on a stage.” He speaks from his own life experiences dealing with massive change, helping audiences handle even big challenges with a light touch.

Andy graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the Johns Hopkins University and lives in New York City with his wife and young children. For more information, visit

The Most Important Thing

Drawing on fascinating studies from Harvard and Google, this eye-opening presentation appeals even to skeptical advisors because it is engaging, actionable, and based on data. Attendees will learn what matters most for personal happiness according to the world’s longest study of human development as well as what matters most for team performance. Andy will also discuss the evolution of wealth management and how to protect yourself from fee compression and robo-advisors.

Another discussion point in the session is the true nature of stress, and why stress management is based on a faulty premise. Andy will provide attendees with a smart, simple 7-step process to eliminate stress, increase happiness, and strengthen team dynamics with no stigma or “touchy-feeliness”.


September 11, 2020 

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.