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Avi Sharon, PhD

Executive Vice President, Product Strategist , PIMCO

Masterclass 4: The Well-Tempered Retiree - Fine-Tuning Investor Behaviors in Retirement

Investors transitioning to retirement face a decumulation dilemma: Uncertainty surrounding health, longevity, and market risks makes financial planning for retirement incredibly complex and anxiety-inducing. Importantly, the challenges that block investors from optimal decision making and attaining their goals are often linked to errors in human behavior. Using evidence from our recent behavioral science study, part one of this session will cover what we have learned about mitigating negative influences from overconfidence and loss aversion biases. Then part two will cover some of the “supposedly irrelevant factors” that, although largely ignored by economic models of retirement income, had a strong influence on investor’s decision making.


Avi Sharon, PhD, is an executive vice president and product strategist based in the New York office. He is responsible for broad business management as well as developing and leading strategic initiatives aimed at driving growth within the traditional product franchise. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2018, Sharon was a principal at Blackstone, where he helped launch the firm’s retail alternatives initiative. Previously, Sharon was a managing director at AllianceBernstein, where he ran multi-asset product management, led wealth management group research and marketing, and was interim head of investor relations for the firm. Sharon has 19 years of investment and financial services experience and holds a PhD from Boston University. He received an undergraduate degree from Emory University in Atlanta.