Now more than ever is the time to get the latest in behavioral finance tips and best practices to ensure that in volatile times, clients are making decisions that are objective, fact-based, and best for their long-term goals.

We have a full library of online resources to help get you up to speed and ready to act with confidence, knowledge, and facts. Explore more by clicking the titles below.

Topic CE Hours Type Cost
Applied Behavioral Finance Course 20 CE Course $895
Behavioral Advisor Forum On-Demand 4 CE On-Demand $295
Bubbles and Market Crisis 2 CE On-Demand $149
Behavioral Finance Tactics to Improve Retirement Readiness 1 CE On-Demand $60
Biology, Complexity, and the Benefits of Bias 1 CE On-Demand $60
Boost Happiness and Manage Stress and Anxiety in Our Uncertain World 1 CE On-Demand $60
Building Trust within Diverse Teams 1 CE On-Demand $60
Creating a Robust Plan for Emotional Investors 1 CE On-Demand $60
Depression Babies: How Experience Affect Risk-Taking 1 CE On-Demand $60
Evolution and Decision-making 1 CE On-Demand $60
How News Habits Influence Financial Markets 1 CE On-Demand $60
Income to Outcome: The PIMCO Retirement Framework 1 CE On-Demand $60
Latest Research on Risk Tolerance: Developing an Investor Risk Profile 1 CE On-Demand $60
Practical Strategies for Managing Investor Behavior 3 CE On-Demand $295
The Paradox of Choice: Why More Isn't Always Better Than Less 1 CE On-Demand $60
The Psychology of a Black Swan Event 1 CE On-Demand $60
The Psychology of Overconfidence 1 CE On-Demand $60
The Well-Tempered Retiree On-Demand: Fine-Tuning Investor Behaviors in Retirement 1.5 CE On-Demand $60
Unconscious Communication & Engagement: How Remote Interactions & Environments of Uncertainty Impact Client Communication Dynamics 1 CE On-Demand $60
What Every Business Person Should Know About Nonverbal Behavior 1 CE On-Demand $60
Behavioral Finance Through a Pandemic Lifecycle w/ Omar Aguilar, Ph.D. N/A Podcast Free
Baking Behavioral Finance Into the Advisory Practice w/ Daniel Crosby, Ph.D. N/A Podcast Free
Behavioral Finance in Investing: The Existence and Importance of 'Investment Tribes' and Risk-Preference Diversity w/Sid Muralidhar and Arun Muralidhar, PhD N/A Podcast Free
A Practical Approach to Behavioral Guidance w/John Nersesian N/A Podcast Free
Living What You Value with the Happiness Ethicist w/Jeff Kluge N/A Podcast Free
Adapting to Change Without Missing A Beat w/Stacy Bernstein N/A Podcast Free
Advisor Behavioral Finance Trends Amid COVID-19 w/Omar Aguilar N/A Podcast Free
Crystal Balls and Rear-view Mirrors – What we learned about the impact of behavioral finance during a pandemic – and what to expect in the “new normal”
N/A Blog Free
The Martial Arts of Behavioral Finance N/A Blog Free
Investors Will Act Against Best Interests in a 50-percent+ Market Decline N/A Blog Free
Applying Behavioral Finance Practices Leads to More Clientele N/A Blog Free
How Market Volatility Impacted Advisors  N/A Blog Free
Becoming a Behavioral Coach N/A Blog Free
Do not continue to let behavioral biases impact portfolio construction N/A Blog Free
Mitigating the Impact of Advisors’ Behavioral Biases N/A Blog Free
How to Avoid Group Bias and Optimize Group Decision-Making N/A Blog Free
Understanding How Social Media Affects Investor Biases N/A Article Free
Book Review: The Behavioral Investor N/A Article Free
What Driverless Cars Can Teach Us About Behavioral Finance N/A Article Free
During the Crisis Leadership Guide prepared by 3ethos® N/A Article Free
2021 Investor Behavior in A Market Crisis N/A Research Article Free
The Role of Behavioral Advice in Advising Clients N/A Research Article Free
Mitigating the Impact of Advisors’ Behavioral Biases N/A Research Article Free
BeFi Barometer 2021  N/A Partner Whitepaper Free
2021 Investor Behavior in A Market Crisis  N/A Partner Whitepaper Free
How to Make Better Decisions by Alger N/A Partner Whitepaper Free
PROTECT, LIVE, DREAM: The Behavioral Benefits of Goals-Based Investing N/A Partner Whitepaper Free


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