Topic CE Hours Type Cost
Applied Behavioral Finance Course 20 CE Course $895
Investments & Wealth Forum-Toronto On-Demand: Facilitating Sustainable Behavioural Change 7.5 CE On-Demand $395
Bubbles and Market Crisis 2 CE On-Demand $149
Behavioral Finance Tactics to Improve Retirement Readiness 1 CE On-Demand $60
Biology, Complexity, and the Benefits of Bias 1 CE On-Demand $60
Boost Happiness and Manage Stress and Anxiety in Our Uncertain World 1 CE On-Demand $60
Building Trust within Diverse Teams 1 CE On-Demand $60
Creating a Robust Plan for Emotional Investors 1 CE On-Demand $60
Depression Babies: How Experience Affect Risk-Taking 1 CE On-Demand $60
Evolution and Decision-making 1 CE On-Demand $60
How News Habits Influence Financial Markets 1 CE On-Demand $60
Income to Outcome: The PIMCO Retirement Framework 1 CE On-Demand $60
Latest Research on Risk Tolerance: Developing an Investor Risk Profile 1 CE On-Demand $60
Practical Strategies for Managing Investor Behavior 3 CE On-Demand $295
The Paradox of Choice: Why More Isn't Always Better Than Less 1 CE On-Demand $60
The Psychology of a Black Swan Event 1 CE On-Demand $60
The Psychology of Overconfidence 1 CE On-Demand $60
The Well-Tempered Retiree On-Demand: Fine-Tuning Investor Behaviors in Retirement 1.5 CE On-Demand $60
Unconscious Communication & Engagement: How Remote Interactions & Environments of Uncertainty Impact Client Communication Dynamics 1 CE On-Demand $60
What Every Business Person Should Know About Nonverbal Behavior 1 CE On-Demand $60
Portfolios for Long-Term Investors N/A Podcast Free
The Trust Mandate N/A Podcast Free
The Art and Science of Asking Questions N/A Podcast Free
Ask: How to Relate to Anyone N/A Podcast Free
Adapting to Change Without Missing A Beat w/Stacy Bernstein N/A Podcast Free
Baking Behavioral Finance Into the Advisory Practice w/ Daniel Crosby, Ph.D. N/A Podcast Free
The Martial Arts of Behavioral Finance N/A Blog Free
Applying Behavioral Finance Practices Leads to More Clientele N/A Blog Free
Becoming a Behavioral Coach N/A Blog Free
How to Avoid Group Bias and Optimize Group Decision-Making N/A Blog Free

Why trust is a must for financial advisors

N/A Article Free

Predicting Returns Using Behavioral Market Barometers

N/A Article Free
Understanding How Social Media Affects Investor Biases N/A Article Free
Book Review: The Behavioral Investor N/A Article Free
What Driverless Cars Can Teach Us About Behavioral Finance N/A Article Free
Managing Misbehavior: Rational Choice in an Uncertain Retirement N/A  Article Free
The Role of Behavioral Advice in Advising Clients N/A Research Article Free
Mitigating the Impact of Advisors’ Behavioral Biases N/A Research Article Free


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