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Bob Powell, CFP®

Editor, Retirement Management Journal

Putting Retirement Research into Perspective and Practice

Three of the nation's top retirement researchers will discuss asset allocation and spending strategies in retirement, and explore how, despite having seemingly different points of view, advisors can put their research into practice.


Robert Powell is editor-in-chief of the Investments & Wealth Institute Retirement Management Journal, editor of’s Retirement Daily and a retirement columnist for USA TODAY. Previously, he served as a managing director of DALBAR as well as the curriculum director of the Online Retirement Management Analyst programs at Salem State University and Boston University. He is also co-chair of the Swampscott Age-Friendly Committee as well as a member of the Swampscott Retirement Board and the Swampscott Council on Aging/Senior Center. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Marquette University and a Master of Science in journalism from Boston University.

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