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Brian Kersmanc

Deputy Portfolio Manager and Senior Investment Analyst, GQG Partners

Masterclass 6: Diversification Benefits of International Dividends for Retirement

International dividends can be an important contributor to growing retirement savings as well as providing income during retirement years. Yields are often higher in other countries, and there is typically a much broader menu of dividend-paying stocks to select from when you look outside U.S. borders. It’s not about owning all of International (i.e., an index), which may or may not outperform in cycles. It’s about what you own and the opportunities you’re missing out on when you exclude International. Particularly important for retirees is that dividends, in general, can help to preserve capital especially with a focus on quality companies. How do you identify those companies?  Brian will share what he views as important considerations in the selection of international dividend stocks and how they can fit into an investor portfolio.



Brian Kersmanc has served as deputy portfolio manager for GQG Partners’ International Equity strategy since 2019 and has been a senior investment analyst on the investment team since he joined the firm in 2016. Before joining GQG Partners, Mr. Kersmanc spent six years at Jennison Associates, where he served most recently as an analyst on the Small/Midcap Equity Research team, focusing on a wide array of sectors from real estate equities including building products manufacturers, title insurers, and homebuilders to industrials competing in the aerospace and automotive end markets. Before joining Jennison, Mr. Kersmanc began his career at Brown Brothers Harriman in 2008. Mr. Kersmanc earned his MBA at Rutgers University and his BA in economics from the University of Connecticut.