Learn from real world examples how the Institute's credentials and membership have advanced careers and clients relationships.

Mike Kurz, CPWA®, CIMA®, CFP®, CAIA

"The CIMA® designation not only helped me with my clients (advisors) but it opened new doors. I started being invited to investment committee meetings and included in due diligence calls. I was seen as the person who had the skill set to impact the conversation."

"The behavioral finance piece of the CPWA® designation launched my process of having more in-depth conversations with my clients about the softer aspects of money; what they value and how best to overcome potential roadblocks."

Garry Bridgeman, CIMA®

“The Institute is uniquely positioned to lead change. The organization has long embraced different points of view and recognized the value of diversity....Creating and maintaining an environment of inclusion is essential. By highlighting the diversity of our membership, we can provide a leadership path for volunteers."


Desiree Maldonado, CIMA®, CPWA®, CFP®

"That is... the benefit of having THRIVE within the Institute, this initiative makes sure that premier certification and world class education opportunities are available for all professionals of all genders, backgrounds, and race. It's empowering to participate in a group that works toward an important mission; welcoming everyone, treating each other with respect, making sure we all THRIVE together and celebrating our accomplishments along the way."


Ashok S. Ramji, RMA®, CFP®, CDFA®, ChFC®, CLU®, RICP®

"There’s more confidence post-RMA® certification. It helps the clients, it helps me. The RMA® curriculum provides a framework for looking at things truly across the silos.”

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Dorothy Bossung, CIMA®, CPWA®, RMA®, CFP®

“Women in Wealth shines a spotlight on successful women in varying roles in the industry. It gives women that role model. We seek to bring women together to discuss issues that concern them and potential solutions to those problems. Women, in my experience, enjoy brainstorming to come up with solutions or new ways of approaching a problem.”

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Moe Allain, RMA®, CPWA®, AAMS®, MBA

"The combination of the CPWA® and the RMA® was well-suited for my practice. My institute certifications have allowed me to confidently discuss, plan for, sync and execute retirement and estate plans together by working closely with the client's estate planning attorney and CPA."

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Lauris S. Lambergs, CIMA®

"The CIMA® certification provided the knowledge that enables me to thoughtfully put together investment portfolios to solve for a client's holistic needs. It is present throughout the entire process for all of my clients, as we collectively consider how the client's financial well-being is directly impacted by investment fundamentals, portfolio theory and construction, behavioral finance, risk mitigation, etc."


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Liz Stiles

Liz Stiles, Raymond James’ Director of
Practice Management Coaching, turned to the
Institute to supplement their own internal
program. Having identified an opportunity to
enhance their advisors’ offering and value
propositions, they instituted a program that
would combine the Institutes Private Wealth
Essentials Course with on-site discussions led
by experts from Raymond James’s leadership


Brandon Averill, CFP®, CPWA®, CIPM

“As former professional athletes, (my brother Erik and I) leveraged what we know about what it takes to become elite and channeled that into building our skills, knowledge and expertise as wealth advisors. This is why we pursued the CPWA® certification as an advanced designation."


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Erik Averill, CPWA®,


“The CPWA® certification is worth its weight in gold, it’s definitely been the best program that either my brother Brandon or I have ever gone through from a continuing education and expertise standpoint. After completing the course, we saw immediate benefits from the program.”


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Teri Hollander Albin, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®

"The certification and courses work has allowed me to take relationships with clients to a much deeper level, especially in how I can build out services. It’s a higher level of service I am able to provide to clients."


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CIMA® certification is the peak international, technical portfolio construction program for investment consultants, analysts, financial advisors and wealth management professionals.

CIMA certification stands out among other financial certifications for its effective emphasis on the combination of theory and practical application. 

The CIMA Core of Body of Knowledge includes five knowledge domains covering 22 knowledge sections that investment advisors and consultants with at least three years’ experience are required to know.

In the most recent Value of CIMA Certification research study, CIMA-certified advisors reported increased confidence, competence, and compensation compared to other financial advisors. 

CIMA® Holders: 

  • $380K - Average Earnings
  • $297M - Average AUM
  • 75% of Client Wallet Share

CIMA Certification


Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) is an advanced education and certification program for financial planners and financial advisors who work with high-net-worth clients on the life-cycle of wealth:

  • Accumulation
  • Preservation
  • Distribution

It’s designed for seasoned professionals who seek the latest, most advanced knowledge and techniques to address the sophisticated needs of clients with a minimum net worth
of $5 million.  

The CPWA curriculum gives advisors the information and skills they need to make a difference and stand out in this demanding segment. 

CPWA® Holders: 

  • Deliver specialized expertise and skills. 
  • Acquire and retain HNW Clients. 
  • Grow firm revenues.
  • Earn an elite education that is highly practical. 

CPWA Certification


The Retirement Management Advisor® (RMA®) program is an advanced certificate program and pathway to certification that focuses on building custom retirement income plans to mitigate clients' risks and to master the retirement planning advisory process, all within an increasingly regulatory environment.

Focused on outcomes, not expectations, the RMA certification provides advisors with practical tools, techniques, and methodologies. The result is a set of knowledge and skills that can satisfy clients' retirement needs. 

Through the RMA certification process, you will:

  • Learn a multidisciplinary approach to retirement planning
  • Better understand the client's retirement mindset
  • Explore strategies for custom risk assessment and unbiased solutions
  • Discover practical tools and techniques to use in your practice
  • Provide professional guidelines and standards

RMA Certification