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Cheri Brooks, CPA

Senior Vice President, Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute

Cheri, joined Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute (NBAI) in 1993. Previously, Brooks was the Regional Vice President for the Midwestern territory for Neuberger Berman Intermediary Sales where she worked with 401(k) providers, insurance companies, banks, broker/dealers, and financial advisors.

Prior to joining the firm, she was tax consultant with Arthur Andersen & Co. Brooks was on the board for the Chicago Women Investment Professionals (WIP) from 2003–2008 and is currently an active member and board alum. She also served on the Advisory Board for Women’s Initiative Leading Lehman (WILL) from 2004–2006 and the Co-Chair of WILL from 2007–2008.

Cheri was a recipient of the Lehman Brothers/Neuberger Berman’s Diversity Award for three consecutive years (2005–2007) and is a former member of the Chicago Financial Women’s Association from 2003–2006. She received her BA in Accounting from Illinois Wesleyan University where she graduated cum laude. 

Family Love Letter: Inter-generational Wealth Transfer

The Family Love Letter provides a convenient manner to communicate the important information needed in case of incapacitation or death to family members. It also allows individuals to memorialize clear instructions as to how assets, benefits, final wishes and intents are to be carried out. The Family Love Letter is not a legal document or substitute for estate planning, but it can function as a supplement to any good planning and a source of great comfort to loved ones in a time of stress and confusion.

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