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Source: Adding Expertise to an Advisor’s Practice: The Value of CIMA Certification, Aite Group, Boston, 2013



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CIMA Certification: Helping Advisors Gain More Confidence, Competence and Compensation

CIMA professionals are more satisfied with their careers, earn better compensation, and manage more assets for higher-net-worth clients than other advisors, according to research conducted by the Aite Group. In addition to higher compensation – 33 percent of CIMA advisors report earning $380,000 annually or more – and greater career satisfaction, CIMA professionals:

  • Advise more profitable clients. Both solo and team practices with CIMA professionals manage twice the assets per client and generate twice the revenue per client compared to other practices.
  • Capture additional assets. Seventy percent of practices with a CIMA professional attract 75 percent or more of their clients’ investment assets.
  • Advise more affluent clients. Fifty-two percent of practices with more than one CIMA professional advise high-net-worth ($1 million to $9.99 million) and ultra-high-net-worth ($10 million or more) clients.
  • Are part of an experienced group. Eighty-four percent of CIMA professionals have 10 or more years of experience as financial advisors.
  • Possess important institutional expertise. Having more than one CIMA professional in a practice tends to open up the business to institutional clients (foundations, endowments and 401(k)s); Multi-CIMA certificants practices focus about 13 percent of their business on institutional clients.
  • Have ownership in their practice: Eighty-four percent of CIMA professionals are practice owners or team leaders compared to 57 percent of other financial advisors.

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The CIMA® certification is one of the most respected and valued certifications in the investment consulting and wealth management industry.



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