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Dani Fava

Director, Product Development & Strategy, TD Ameritrade Institutional

In her role as the Director of Innovation at TD Ameritrade Institutional, Dani oversees the development of advanced investment management and technology tools designed to help independent registered investment advisors compete and thrive in a world of accelerating change. Having managed the launch of TD Ameritrade’s award winning iRebal on Veo1 portfolio rebalancing technology, Dani rolled out the award-winning2 Model Market Center, TD Ameritrade Institutional’s innovative approach to bringing outsourced investment management capabilities to RIAs.

Dani is also responsible for implementing voice-first capabilities at TD Ameritrade, which will employ conversational AI that can communicate with advisors. Dani joined TD Ameritrade in 2012 and puts more than 15 years of wealth management knowledge to work. Dani was recently named one of the top 16 Women in Wealthtech. She loves to talk about big data, finserv start-ups, artificial intelligence, CrossFit and basketball. Follow Dani on Twitter @DaniFava_TDA, for the latest in wealth tech.

What's the Next Big Thing?

Your clients are going to have new questions for you in this new decade. Will you be able to answer them? Join Dani Fava as she shares her thoughts on the emerging trends and perhaps you’ll discover what might be “the next big thing” for your business.  From Income Sharing Agreements to the non-financial trends that may overhaul the housing market, to Artificial Intelligence that will help mold the conversations that you’re having with your clients; the next big thing may already be well under way.