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David Richman

National Director, Eaton Vance Advisor Institute

David Richman founded the Eaton Vance Advisor Institute over a decade ago. David has been a student of the financial advisory experience for the better part of four decades. He brings a unique client perspective to his provocative and inspiring podium style and his highly practical in-the-trenches advisor-coaching activities.

He co-authored six books catering to financial advisors: Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask, both versions of This Is Your Time, The Charismatic Advisor®, Client Primacy and, his latest book, Chasing PositivityTM: The Charismatic Advisor® in Conversation.

He earned BA and MA degrees in public policy analysis, University of Rochester, and a JD, University of Connecticut.

This Is Your Time

This is an unprecedented time for us all. Navigating client conversations in this “new normal” is paramount and Eaton Vance is here to help. David  will provide six actionable ideas to deepen client connectivity, bring value to tomorrow’s clients and fortify relationships with your “inner circle.”