What is Diversity & Inclusion Week?

Learn new ways to address the growing needs of the Asian, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Latinx, Veteran and ADA communities.

Get the insights and strategies you need to create more inclusive and meaningful solutions. Throughout the week we will be featuring a variety of diversity, equity and inclusion programs to help you stay plugged into the evolving needs of more inclusive advising. In addition, through different learning channels, we will be bringing you podcasts, blogs, courses, events and forums to interact and engage with.


The changing landscape

Why DEI matters

As the demographics in the United States continue to shift, our need to identify and addresses the communal needs of investors from different ethnic, religious and specialty groups continues to grow.

The financial services industry is working hard to move beyond the diversification in long-term investing. Firms recognize that successful cross-cultural business relationships are dependent on their advisor’s ability to serve the growing minority consumer base. Based on the genetic makeup of the financial services industry today, advisors need to go beyond their own familiarities. Attracting and retaining clients will require a new layer of understanding, especially to help service members of the Asian, BIPOC, Latinx, LGBTQ+, Veteran and ADA communities.

 Advisors need to be able to relate to their client’s household needs and concerns from a different perspective. These growing communities are looking for transparency and trust, and there is significant value in having diverse perspectives when it comes to the planning processes. Businesses fare better by having a more diverse workforce. Teams that approach investor situations with a diverse lens have stronger results. Their differences in thoughts and ideas lead to developing wider client bases, and expansion of solutions. If that’s not enough, it maximizes a firm’s returns while minimizing risks.

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Visit the THRIVE Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Tools and resources worth exploring

Further your own business and leadership knowledge. We offer a variety of resources to assist you in reaching your career aspirations and be successful once you get there.

Explore a certification

Stay plugged in

Meaningful change within an industry or a profession cannot be achieved by acting alone. And, while change takes time, the Institute is committed to bringing key industry powerhouses together to ignite thoughtful change. Join us each quarter by attending our Diversity Elevates webinars. This specialty webinar series was designed to inspire discussions and change. The series is meant to bring advisors together, to learn from one another, and work together to create a more inclusive community and industry.

Learn more about Diversity Elevates Webinar Series

Diversify your team

Start by implementing fresh and inclusive hiring practices. Then, talk to your manager about the latest industry trends and how they showcase that teams today need to be more holistic and comprehensive. Share the studies that show high-performing teams are made up of a diverse group of experts and individuals who bring different ideas and viewpoints to the table. Advocate for change. Support those who are underrepresented today and help them obtain the advanced-level credentials that will drive a new landscape. So, whether members of your team already have a credential or are looking to earn a new credential, it’s critical to make a plan to renew their self-motivation and improve upon their skills. Then take advantage of our scholarship program. It will help keep costs down and help you create a meaningful co-invested relationship.

  • Recognize their own personal interests and goals.
  • Outline what you would like them to learn or accomplish in the next 12-months.
  • Identify the resources needed to help them get there.
  • Structure learning goals into their performance plans.
  • Make a commitment to them.

Want some tips to help your team reach their optimal career performance?

Download the Professional Development Worksheet

Drive change, one person at a time

We have partnered with firms and members to broaden the opportunities to those underrepresented in the industry. Together, we are widening those gateways to career mobility and professional advancement, and we are bringing more voices around our boardrooms and boards. This co-investment has led to the creation of a certification scholarship program.

Make a donation

Tell your learning and leadership department to turn to the Institute to customize an educational rewards and recognition program that will help move the industry forward.

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Check out individuals making an impact

Drive, determination and grit are just a few of the characteristics that have led individuals to success. Perseverance, hard work and talent play a key factor as well. Learn about some of our members and gain a glimpse into their journeys and experiences inside the profession. Click on each image below to read their stories.

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Accelerate your career

Why do individuals and firms turn to the Institute to help accelerate their careers? The Institute is committed to delivering world-class experiences that our certificants have come to expect and enjoy. Since 1985, we have been committed to elevating the profession. That is why we partner with the most recognized and admired educational institutions in the country. From Ivy League organizations to top 10-business schools, we purposefully select educational providers that will champion our curriculum and apply their own unique approaches to delivering the course content in a meaningful way. In addition, our partners offer a variety of formats, giving you the flexibility you deserve. So, whether you are an online learner, prefer the on-campus classroom experience, or are inclined to select a hybrid option, the choice is yours.

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