Everything you need to know about digital credentials



Recognizing your achievements

We’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to advance your career, and we know that being able to communicate your professional credentials is a necessary step for you. That’s why we are excited to provide you with digital versions of the certification(s) you earned with us.

We have partnered with Accredible, a platform for creating digital badges, to help you express your achievements and do some of the storytelling for you. Digital badges can be added to your email signature to convey your professional designation or added to your LinkedIn profile in just one click. We believe these credentials enhance the value of your membership and your certifications with a convenient and professional representation.




Sharing your achievements

The digital badge you will receive from Accredible is a way for you to share and validate your achievement. The certification it represents can easily be verified by viewers at any time, and the online view of the badge will communicate its up-to-date status to anyone attempting to verify it. When you share your badge, viewers can immediately see information about your knowledge and skills, verified by us. Digital badges allow you to stand out as a certified expert in our industry and give you verified credibility.




Marketing Yourself

Your digital badge will give you recognition for your professional designation. With our secure digital badges, your new skills and knowledge can be verified and shared with employers, colleagues, or recruiters.  

To get the most out of your digital badge, you can:

  • Add it to your ‘Certifications’ on LinkedIn (you can do this with one click on the credential)
  • Share it to your LinkedIn feed to update your network
  • Add your badge and designation to your email signature to communicate your new status with your colleagues and clients
  • Add it to your website so that prospects and clients can appreciate the expertise you bring to the table


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Added Value

Once you set up an account, you can control your profile.

 Always Accessible - Never worry about losing your certificate - ever. Your credential will always be present at its web address.

 Easily Shareable - You want to share your achievement. Digital credentials let you showcase your achievement on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with one click.

 Control Your Privacy - Take advantage of searchability and have your achievement be discoverable on search engines or set it to private and share with only selected people. How and when you share your credential is up to you.

 Print at Any Time - Easily print a high-quality PDF of your certificate, whenever you’d like.

Learning, Verified - Your achievements can be verified at any time. Your certifications on LinkedIn are linked to your live credential so anyone, anywhere can see what you have achieved. 

Portable and Exportable Achievements - Compatibility with Mozilla Open Badges means you can add certificates to different Backpacks. Embed your credential on your own website, in your email signature or save a PDF of your credential.



Commonly Asked Questions

We realize you may need help getting started so we put together some helpful resources.