Program Overview

The CPWA Intensive LIVE combines online, independent study with a 2.5 day, in-person intensive workshop experience.

This program is delivered by the Investments & Wealth Institute, in conjunction with expert practitioners in the areas of wealth management, estate law, and tax advice.


  • Hybrid: Online + In-Person
  • 3-month online study
  • 2.5 day in-person Intensive LIVE Workshop experience
  • World-class faculty
  • Streamlined program
  • Intensive experience with condensed sessions and targeted lectures

Value & Benefits

  • Develop a comprehensive wealth management strategy that considers family goals, objectives, values, and family circumstances
  • Select wealth management strategies that are realistic, prudent, tax-efficient, and actionable in the areas of human dynamics, tax management, estate planning, and charitable giving.
  • Learn how to integrate closely held businesses, concentrated asset positions, and executive compensation into a wealth management strategy.
  • Identify the key roles, responsibilities, and opportunities for family members to manage family assets, as well as the benefits and risks of family wealth.
  • Learn to effectively partner with the clients’ other advisors in tax planning, estate planning, and business succession planning.

What Makes It Different

This program is designed to streamline the academic, in-person education experience into a concentrated program of learning AND test preparation. Compared to other CPWA® experiences, the Intensive LIVE instructors present more case studies, more exam-like questions, and more targeted lectures to help candidates take the exam with confidence.

Who Should Attend

The CPWA Intensive LIVE  includes a condensed self-study and in-person experience designed to prepare the candidate to take the certification exam. It's best for advisors who come to the 2.5 day workshop ready to learn, committed to completing the independent online study before attending the workshop.



Intensive LIVE Workshop

December 6-8, 2021

AT&T Conference Center in Austin, TX

  • 2.5 day Intensive LIVE workshop
  • Case studies, exam practice questions, and targeted lectures
  • In-pesron classroom experience shared with other successful wealth advisors
  • Faculty of top industry experts
  • Best for the prepared candidate who comes ready to learn



Registration & Fees

CPWA Intensive LIVE includes:

  • 3-month online course
  • 2.5 day Intensive LIVE workshop 
  • Initial CPWA certification exam
  • CPWA Accelerator Pack

Registration Fees:

Member: $5,995


John Nersesian
Jeffrey Levine
Steve Siegel
John Bergner
Elizabeth Morgan
Sam Donaldson

What People Are Saying

See why more advisors are earning their CPWA certification every day.

“The CPWA certification program lives up to its billing as a comprehensive study of wealth management. The classroom section for five busy days was informative. The quality of instruction and course topics are relevant and second to none in quality from genuine practitioners. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business augments the program’s core strengths. I met many fascinating entrepreneurs and found the class participation enlightening."
Michael Hokin, CFA®, CPWA®
“My confidence in dealing with larger clients is significantly higher than before my CPWA education.” 
Brian Beasley, CPWA®
Partner, Registered Principal, Athena Investment Group, LLC
"I enjoyed the program. I feel I've learned more in the last six months than I have in the last nine years.” 
Chad A. Williams, CFP®, CPWA®
COO/Managing Partner, Capital Investment Management
“The CPWA program is the perfect complement to the CIMA program—the former adding practical wealth management strategies atop the latter’s theoretical and math-laden framework. While the CIMA program breaks down investments and processes iteratively into smaller parts for analysis, the CPWA program assures that the advisor can extract exponential value beyond the mere sum of the parts of a client's wealth. The CPWA program succinctly and effectively provides the toolset necessary to compete in the ultra-high-net-worth space."
Rick Schultz, CIMA®, CPWA®, CEP, AIF
Senior Vice President – Investments, UBS Financial Services

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