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Jason Schwartz

Chief Operating Officer of Wilshire Associates

Jason A. Schwarz is the Chief Operating Officer of Wilshire Associates responsible for leading the firm’s four operating divisions: Wilshire Analytics, Wilshire Consulting, Wilshire Private Markets and Wilshire Funds Management. He serves as President and Director of the Wilshire Mutual Funds and VITs, is a Director of Wilshire’s Segregated Portfolio Companies, and is a member of Wilshire’s Board of Directors. He earned his A.B. in Government from Hamilton College and holds an M.B.A. from the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California.

With over 15 years of industry experience, Mr. Schwarz joined Wilshire in 2005, holding increasingly senior roles prior to his appointment as President of Wilshire Funds Management in 2014 and President of Analytics in 2017. Prior to joining Wilshire, he was a consultant for Haig Barrett Inc.


Opening Act: Institutional Quality Private Portfolios for Accredited Investors: New Practical Solutions: A 3-Part Workshop

Part 3: Private Markets Solutions in Your Practice

  1. It's All About The Client Experience
    1. Institutional fiduciary & allocator
    2. Using same funds/strategies as they do for other clients
    3. Ideal first allocation: fully diversified; adjusted as markets change
    4. 40 Act investor protections
    5. 1099s, IRA eligible (good place for allocation: long term, tax efficient)
    6. Low/flat fees
    7. Liquidity that does not sacrifice fund performance
    8. Exit experience: timing and control
  2. Implications for Intermediaries and FAs 
    1. Improving your value proposition with Private Markets Products
    2. A “whole book” solution across investor and account types
    3. Always open  
    4. Ease of entrance, exit, and administration
  3. Implementation into Individual Portfolios 
    1. Integration with long-only portfolios
    2. Example public + private portfolio models
    3. Expected return and risk improvements