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Jason Barsema

Co-Founder and President, Halo Investing

Jason Barsema is the Co-Founder and President of Halo Investing where he leads the team and product vision. With over a decade of experience managing Structured Note, he built the Halo platform to provide all investors access to this incredible investment product. Jason previously was a Partner on a large Private Banking team at Credit Suisse, where he managed portfolios for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Institutions. Jason has his B.A. in Economics from Northern Illinois University and his M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Redefining A Global Marketplace

The state of people’s savings and retirement is one of the most serious investment challenges the world currently faces. For most clients, portfolios have consisted of stocks and bonds with nothing in between, forcing investors to take the body blows of the market, highlighted by the recent volatility from COVID-19. For the select few, however, alternative investments such as Structured Notes can provide downside investment protection against market declines, but they remain out of reach for 99% of the world. In this session you will hear Halo Investing's co-founder and President Jason Barsema discuss the changes happening in this $3 trillion global market. From being a highly manual and time-consuming process to find, purchase and manage structured notes, new technology is lowering investment minimums and disrupting the space to make it more accessible for investors of all portfolio sizes. Structured notes can provide flexible return and protection options. An investor can target a level of expected returns over a defined time period, using this powerful portfolio tool. Structured products can offer capital protection, yield enhancement and upside participation – providing a middle ground between bonds and stocks.