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Jennifer Pearce

VP, Business Development,


Women in Wealth Reception:

Empowering Women to Own their Financial Futures

Over the last half-century, women’s roles have evolved and changed, and while strides have been made, women still fall behind men financially in terms of earnings, investing, and retirement savings. As an advisor, you can help empower and educate your female clients on the best ways to fulfill their financial potential. While traditional investing programs have ignored the unique experiences of women that impact their financial lives, modern plans acknowledge the unique circumstances that impact women more than men, including caregiving, gray divorce, and widowhood. Whether you are just starting your career, redefining wealth, planning philanthropic giving, or helping your clients retire, there are steps to help your clients become more confident and empowered when dealing with finances. Walk away with actionable takeaways that allow your clients to take charge of their financial futures at any life stage. 



Jennifer Pearce is vice president, business development, at Transamerica. Pearce’s business development role affords her the opportunities to serve as an advocate for Transamerica and to create mutually beneficial relationships for Transamerica and its distributors. That means securing product approvals and creating new, or expanding upon existing, sales opportunities that address the needs of all parties involved. Her top priority is to ensure that the relationships between Transamerica and distribution partners are at their best. She does this by partnering across business lines to drive a consistent high-level experience focused on solutions that meet customer needs.