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Jonathan Pain

Director of JP Consulting NSW Pty Ltd, Author

An Axis of Autocracy and a New Geopolitical and Investment Reality

We face the geopolitical reality of a new Axis of Autocracy, with Russia and China at its core. This will shape and define the contours of the global geopolitical landscape for many years to come. Furthermore, we have a stagflationary reality which will shape and define your investment portfolios in the year ahead.


Jonathan Pain is a Director of JP Consulting NSW Pty Ltd and has 35 years of international investment experience having led investment teams in London, Bahrain and Australia. Pain holds a joint honors degree in economics and politics from Keele University and a Master's degree in finance from Exeter University. He is the author and publisher of a widely read investment newsletter, "The Pain Report." He is well known for his contrarian views and is a regular guest on CNBC and Sky Business TV and speaks at conferences and seminars all around the world. He is an ‘associate’ of China Matters In numerous speeches and articles in 2006, he highlighted the unsustainable levels of debt and the housing bubble in America, and his warnings of the impending crisis have been acknowledged by respected commentators such as Alan Kohler and Graham Rich. Since 2002 he has repeatedly said that the most significant and defining economic phenomenon of our lifetime is the rise of the Asian middle classes. Born in South Africa, Pain has lived in Lesotho, Swaziland, England and Bahrain. He now calls Australia home.