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Johnny Suarez

Director of Manager Research, Raymond James and Associates

Ed Talk 2: Freedom Portfolio Positioning and Investment Outlook

Nick Lacy, CFA, AMS Chief Portfolio Strategist, and Johnny Suarez, Director of Manager Research, covers the state of the current economy and its impact on the market. Both Nick and Johnny will cover Freedom’s current investment positioning as well the outlook for upcoming opportunities and threats for investors. Their presentation will cover market fundamentals for the equity and fixed income markets for the U.S. as well as the rest of the globe as well as how the AMS Investment Committee views these markets.


Johnny Suarez is a research manager for Asset Management Services (AMS) at Raymond James and Associates. He is primarily responsible for manager selection and evaluation of international equity, U.S. small-mid cap equity, and alternative investment managers. He also contributes broadly regarding manager selection and asset allocation considerations for the AMS Investment Committee. He started in the financial industry in 2004 and joined Raymond James in 2006. He earned a BA in finance, magna cum laude, from the University of South Florida.