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Josh Patrick

Founder, Stage 2 Planning Partners

Masterclass 5: How to Make Your a Firm Sale-Ready Company

Sale readiness requires the right culture, people, systems, and processes in place for when the time comes for a buyer to come knocking on our door with an offer you can't refuse. This session will show you the one thing you must do. You'll learn four easy steps you can take to make your business one that others would want to own.


Josh Patrick is a serial entrepreneur. He started his first real business when he was 23 years old and grew it to 90 employees when he sold it 20 years later. Since that time, Mr. Patrick founded Stage 2 Planning Partners, a financial planning firm, and The Sustainable Business, which focuses on helping successful private business owners create an economically and personally sustainable business. He’s been a contributor to the You're the Boss blog at the New York Times, and has written for,, The Huffington Post, and Open by American Express. He's the author of Sustainable: A Fable About Creating a Personally and Economically Sustainable Business and The Sale Ready Company: What it Takes to Create a Business that Someone Else Would Want to Own, Even if You Have No Intention of Selling.