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Lisa Kramer, PhD

Professor of Finance, Department of Management, University of Toronto Mississauga, Research Fellow, Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman (BEAR), University of Toronto

Neurofinance: Your Client’s Brain, Risk Preferences, and Investment Decisions

Investors are human. So are financial advisors. We all have brains, preferences, biases and all sorts of individual features that influence financial decisions and complicate the client/advisor relationship. Professor Kramer will discuss recent advances from the fields of behavioral finance and neurofinance that have practical relevance. Her presentation will be interactive, incorporating real-time demonstrations of insights from cutting-edge research on human nature as they apply to the investments and wealth management arenas. 


Lisa Kramer is a professor of finance at the University of Toronto. She conducts interdisciplinary work in the field of behavioural finance, blending psychology and economics to study markets and financial decision making. She also has interests in neuroeconomics, investments, market seasonality, human decisions, mood, emotions, and the role of animals in society. Her research has appeared in economics, finance, business ethics, and psychology journals, including the American Economic Review. Her studies have been extensively profiled by the popular press, including The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, The Washington Post, Bloomberg Business, Business Week, and Time. 

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