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Mark Gochnour, CPA, CFA®

Head of Global Client Services Group & Vice President , Dimensional Fund Advisors

Masterclass 11:

The Future of ETFs: Evolved. Transparent. Flexible.

The first ETFs available to investors were designed to track the performance of indices. While index-based ETFs continue to be popular with investors due to generally low costs, broad diversification, low turnover, and transparent construction, the mechanical construction and rigid trading requirements of index funds reduce their ability to efficiently capture the returns of different asset classes. In contrast, actively managed ETFs aim to provide the same benefits of index-based approaches while also providing additional value through flexible, active implementation.



Mark Gochnour, CPA, CFA®, is Head of Global Client Services, leading a team dedicated to providing strategic resources to help Dimensional’s clients grow and improve their businesses. He guides the group’s strategy and is deeply involved in the development of Dimensional’s conferences and events, the design of its practice management curriculum, and the coordination of its professional communities. Gochnour also helps supervise a group of regional directors outside the United States to ensure the evolving needs of clients are met and aligned globally. He has been with Dimensional since 1998 in a range of roles, including nearly a dozen years spent as a regional director working directly with some of the largest financial advisory firms in the United States. He is passionate about making a positive impact in investors’ lives, and about sharing his experiences and expertise to help others. Gochnour is a frequent speaker at conferences and industry events on topics such as capital markets, practice management, client communication, and investor discipline. He earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting.