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Matt Hougan

Chief Investment Officer, Bitwise

Masterclass #8: Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto for Professional Investors

Clients will almost certainly have questions about crypto. What is it? Should they invest? And which assets? In this special session, Matt Hougan -- CIO of Bitwise Asset Management, one of the largest and fastest-growing crypto asset managers in the world -- examines the basics of crypto from a professional investor's point-of-view. Ignoring the hype and hyperbole, this presentation will offer plain English explanations of what crypto is, why it matters, and where it's going. 

You'll learn: 

  • What is bitcoin? What is a blockchain? And why should financial advisors care? 
  • How crypto fits into a portfolio as a liquid alternative asset 
  • The latest on bitcoin futures ETFs, regulation, environmental concerns, and more You'll leave better able to discuss crypto with your clients, and with a fuller understanding of crypto's risks, benefits, and possibilities.


Matt Hougan is one of the world’s leading experts on crypto, exchange-traded funds (ETF), and financial technology. He is chief investment officer of Bitwise Asset Management, a pioneer in cryptoasset index funds with more than $1 billion in assets under management. He was previously chief executive officer of, where he helped build the world’s first ETF data and analytics system, the leading ETF media site, and the world’s largest ETF conference, Inside ETFs. Hougan is co-author of “A Comprehensive Guide to Exchange-Traded Funds” and “Cryptoassets: The Guide to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for Professional Investors” for the CFA Institute’s Research Foundation. He is a crypto columnist for Forbes and a three-time member of the Barron’s ETF Roundtable.