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Starting in early 2021, the Investments & Wealth Institute is moving to a new and simpler membership and certification renewal model. 

What changes are being made to my membership? 

All current members, candidates, and certificants will be transitioned to a transitional Basic membership. Under this new model, members will have:

  • More flexibility, you will be able to choose the professional development package that best fits your lifestyle and education needs, allowing you to tailor your benefits.
  • Significant cost savings through three  Membership options with enhanced benefit options.
  • Enhanced access to premier continuing education options that offer CE included.
  • You will continue to receive the member benefits and services you value the most.
  • Streamlines the certification and membership process reducing confusion and renewal notices.

My membership and/or certification is current, with no upcoming renewal what happens to my membership? 

Beginning in 2021, all members will be transitioned into our new membership model. You will receive Basic benefits through your next membership renewal date. The new streamlined certification renewal model will go into effect upon your next certification renewal.

Non-aligned certificants: If your membership and certification renewal dates are not aligned you will need to renew your membership at your next renewal date to continue your benefits.

Aligned certificants: Aligned certificants will not need to take any action until your certification renewal.

Members will have the option to add a Signature or Elite Professional development package to their membership in 2021.

Is this a better value?

Yes, the new model does offer a significant cost savings with three new Membership options. The new model also allows members to tailor their benefits to meet their personal lifestyle and educational needs.

Why is Investments & Wealth Institute changing its membership model?

Investments & Wealth Institute continually strives to serve and support their members. Based on feedback we have received for a number of years we have been looking for a way to streamline our complicated pricing structures to better serve our members’ growing needs. This new model allows us to address this feedback by streamlining the pricing structure, providing a cost savings, and expanding access to premium educational content. By providing members the flexibility and benefits they desire, members can now choose the package that best meets their lifestyle and educational needs.

How does it work?

More information about your individual transition will be sent to each member. Each member will be transitioned to a Basic package with the opportunity to upgrade in 2021. Members may choose to stay at a Basic level or enhance their experience by upgrading to add value and benefits. 

I have already paid my membership, what will happen?

All members will be transitioned to a Basic package effective in 2021. You will be given the option to upgrade after the 1st of the year; upgrading your membership is not required.

For members who are not on a certification pathway or who have a complimentary membership with the Investments & Wealth Institute, your membership will be transitioned to a Basic package through your existing membership renewal date. When you renew your membership, you will be transition to a two-year membership cycle for USD $395, full amount due at time of renewal.

Where can I find out what is included in the new professional development packages?

Our team is building new comprehensive membership webpages to highlight the value and new features of our 2021 membership model. Beginning in 2021 members will be able to select the package that fits their needs best. 

I am a certificant holder, what will I pay and how is the process changing?

Effective in 2021, your membership will be transitioned to a basic package until your next membership renewal.

At the time of your next certification renewal you will see a new streamlined process. The process will continue to be three steps. You will be required to earn 40 hours of CE, sign a compliance agreement, and pay a renewal fee of $895 which includes a 2-year complimentary Basic package. If you would like to upgrade to a Signature or Elite package you may add it to your account when you recertify or select to upgrade at any time.

I am a candidate, what will be changing for me under this new model?

Effective in 2021, we will be implementing an initial certification process for every candidate. Once you pass your exam you will complete a background check, sign a compliance agreement, and pay an initial certification fee of USD $395. A Basic package will be included with your initial certification fee through your first 2-year recertification period. You will have the opportunity to upgrade to a Signature or Elite package after initial certification.

I am not due to renew yet, but I would like to upgrade. When can I do so?

In 2021, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade to a Signature or Elite package. Members may upgrade at any time. If you decide to upgrade during the first year of your membership you will be assessed a pro-rated fee. If you upgrade within 12 months of your membership renewal you will be asked to pay the flat fee of $197.50 (Signature) and $447.50 (Elite).

May I pay to upgrade per-month?

At this time we are not providing a per-month payment plan. All fees must be paid in total at time of purchase.

I don’t want to be a member. Must I retain membership?

Under this new model, membership will be gifted with your next certification renewal fee or initial certification fee. You may choose to access your benefits at any time while in good-standing. If you do not want to receive your complimentary benefits you may opt-out of receiving them.

I like my Institute membership benefits as is, how can I keep those benefits?

We understand that some individuals will not prefer to engage in our new communities launching in 2021. If you are happy with your Institute membership benefits, we recommend the Basic package. This package allows you the continued service, rights, and digital benefits as part of our membership community you have come to enjoy with the option to add benefits a la carte as you need them. 

I don’t want to be a member just a certified CIMA, CPWA or RMA professional; may I deduct the cost of membership from the purchase amount?

Institute membership status will be complimentary and gift when you renew your certification or with your initial certification fee. It is not included in the initial or re-certification cost. With Basic membership all your benefits are digital which you may opt-out of receiving.

Will I be reminded of this change?

Yes, over the course of the next year we will be sending reminders regarding this transition and what it means for our members. When you are approaching your renewal, you will receive reminders as well.


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