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Michael Oh, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Matthews Asia

EdTalk 3: Investing in the Future of Asia – Innovation is the New Growth Driver

The economic growth drivers in Asia are evolving. As income in the region continues to reach new levels, investors are beginning to see shifts in the economies and new investment opportunities are being formed in more sophisticated industries. As older industries recede and newer business models take their place, innovative companies are reshaping Asia’s investment landscape. 

In this presentation, David Dali, Head of Portfolio Strategy, and Michael Oh, CFA, Portfolio Manager, share their perspectives on:

  • The macro environment of Asia and emerging markets during their economic recovery
  • Key concepts for non-US equity exposure that investors should consider
  • Why Asia is ripe for innovative companies and types of investment opportunities
  • How to optimize your asset allocation and access to innovation themes   


Michael Oh is a Portfolio Manager at Matthews Asia. He manages the firm’s Asia Innovators and Korea Strategies and co-manages the Asia Growth Strategy. He joined Matthews Asia in 2000 as a Research Analyst and has built his investment career at the firm. Oh was promoted from Research Analyst to Assistant Portfolio Manager in 2003. In 2006 and 2007, he was promoted to Lead Manager of the Matthews Asia Innovators Strategy and the Matthews Korea Strategy, respectively. From 2000-2003, Oh's research focused on the technology sector supporting multiple strategies managed by the founders of the firm. As a research analyst, he contributed investment ideas to the broader Matthews Asia investment teams. Michael Oh received a B.A. in Political Economy of Industrial Societies from the University of California, Berkeley. He is fluent in Korean.