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Neil Bage

Founder and Director of Behavioural Insight at Be-IQ

Neil is a specialist on the subconscious behaviors that drive our decisions, and is renowned for bridging complex scientific theory with real-world application, especially decisions involving money. He is the Founder and Director of Behavioural Insight at Be-IQ, a multi award-winning behavioral insight's company.

Neil started his career as a public speaker back in early 1990’s as a professional compère for Rank Entertainment. During this time he was in charge of running the main entertainment venue, being the link between and introducing celebrity acts.

Frequently on stage in front of audiences of over 2,000+ people, it was this grounding that gave Neil his unique presentation style - his ability to be fluid with his presentations and to be interactive with the audience.

Since that time, Neil has featured as a regular Keynote speaker, presenting to tens of thousands of business professionals from different industries including financial services companies, law firms, and multi-national technology companies.

An energetic, powerful, and highly engaging speaker, Neil’s talks are a mixture of human evolution, psychology, biology, and compelling storytelling, all of which combine to reveal how people make important decisions that will impact their financial health and well-being.

Bringing Behavioral Science to Life 

Over the past 5 years, Neil and the team at Be-IQ have been building out the world’s first end-to-end behavioral Insight service for financial planners and their clients. Neil will walk attendees through Be-IQ’s journey on delivering these unique services, the challenges they faced, and will share research into several of the behavioral biases Be-IQ have researched, tested, and then launched into their unique services, BEAM and BEACON. He will also reveal how the data from the app provides unique insights for financial planners allowing them, for the first time, to build in an evidence-based approach to behavioral advice. Finally, he will share how this insight can be applied at client level, advisor level, and practice level to deliver smarter communication, smarter risk assessments, and smarter client segmentation.

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