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Finding Opportunity Beyond the Cycle: A Guide to the Markets

Gabriela Santos

Presented by
Gabriela Santos

Managing Director, Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

November 29, 2023
10:20 - 11:10 a.m.     

In the second half of 2023, markets remain focused on the macro environment, finding comfort in lower inflation but continuing to reconcile with the resiliency of the economy. The Fed has mostly maintained its hawkish messaging but appears to be near the end of its rate hiking cycle. For investors, it is also important to look beyond the cycle, as last year’s global reset in valuations presents a much broader menu of investment opportunities than what existed at the beginning of 2022. Gabriela Santos will shine some light on these issues and their investment implications.

Learning Objectives

•    How to communicate current economic and market trends using “Guide to the Market” slides 
•    Identify potential opportunities and risks with the domestic and global markets
•    Gain an increased knowledge of global markets and the outlook for stock and bond market performance

Speaker Bio

Gabriela Santos
Managing Director, Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Gabriela D. Santos, managing director, is a global market strategist on the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Global Market Insights Strategy Team. In this role, Santos is responsible for delivering timely market and economic insights to institutional and retail clients across the United States and Latin America. In addition, Santos conducts research on the global economy and capital markets and is responsible for the development of the Guide to the Markets, Guide to China and Guide to the Markets—Latin America, amongst other publications. Santos has played an instrumental role in the development of the team's research on Chinese markets and the expansion of the market insights program in Latin America.

Before joining J.P. Morgan, Santos worked at HSBC's Private Bank for three years, stationed in Singapore, Switzerland and Mexico. In her role as a banker in Singapore, Santos provided strategic advice to high-net-worth European clients on managing their personal and family wealth. Previously, she was a trader on the structured products trading desk in Geneva, Switzerland and helped launch a credit platform in Mexico City, Mexico.

Santos is also a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg and other financial news outlets and is often quoted in the financial press.

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