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Fostering Smart Wealth Decisions: Helping Clients Overcome Biases

Suzanne B. Shu

Presented by
Suzanne B. Shu

John S. Dyson Professor, Cornell University

November 29, 2023
10:20 - 11:10 a.m.     

In situations where clients insist on pursuing a course of action that diverges from the financial advice you've provided; it is essential to recognize that various biases may be at play. These biases can significantly influence clients’ decision-making processes and lead to suboptimal outcomes for growing their wealth. During this session, we’ll examine some of the specific biases that can hinder clients’ judgment and explore strategies that you can use to help clients overcome them.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the biases that may obstruct clients' paths to growing their wealth
  • Discover how understanding and addressing investor biases can pave the way for more successful financial planning and investment strategies
  • Learn strategies to help clients overcome biases, build wealth and strengthen trust in your role as their financial advisor

Speaker Bio

Suzanne B. Shu
John S. Dyson Professor, Cornell University

Suzanne B. Shu is the Dean of Faculty and Research for the Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business, and the John S. Dyson Professor in Marketing at Cornell’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. Her main areas of research are in consumer financial decision making, especially regarding retirement income decisions, and in behavioral interventions for health behaviors. Shu earned a PhD from the University of Chicago; she also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University. She is also currently an NBER Research Associate, holds a joint faculty appointment at the UCLA Medical School and has been a visiting scholar for several years at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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