We are awarding $50,000 in scholarships to Registered Investment Advisors all year long to help offset the certification tuition cost! 


Put Your Career Aspirations into Focus

Get up to $1,000-$2,000 off your certification tuition

The Institute is proud to announce that it is awarding $50,000 in Scholarships to advisors within the RIA community. As an association focused on professional development, the Institute's mission and work have been built around the belief that growing the number of professionals who hold advanced certifications enhances the competency and professionalism of advice delivered to the public. The RIA Scholarship provides access to Ivy League-quality education for RIA advisors, to help them become future leaders within the industry and reach their personal career goals.

Through our scholarship program, the Institute is providing the opportunity for RIA firms worldwide to help their practices and teams expand their expertise, clientele, and business objectives through advanced certifications from the Institute. We know the many challenges people have faced this year and want to do our part to give back to our community who has worked tirelessly to serve the public. We are committed to fostering a profession where financial advisors from all backgrounds thrive.

*All scholarship awards are subject to eligibility requirements of each designated program

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Which Certification is Right for You?

Gain the strategies, insights, and methodologies to accelerate your career

The Institute offers 3 certifications to choose from that will help you kick your career into high gear and provide you with the strategies, skills, and techniques to lead at a higher level.

Retirement Management Advisor® (RMA)®
Earn your certification in as little as 1-3 months

  • It’s a comprehensive program designed to show advisors how to plan for and navigate through all stages of retirement
  • The curriculum focuses on teaching strategies to manage through all market conditions
  • Showcases procedural application guides to help you map, route and maneuver through individualized roadmaps
  • Learn the important differences between planning for accumulation and planning for retirement income
  • Provides you with a procedural prudence map so you can start applying and implementing comprehensive strategies immediately

Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA)®
Earn your certification in as little as 6-9 months

  • The certification will help you upgrade your cross-functional understanding of investment management and portfolio construction, provide access to a wider channel of niche experts, and expand your clientele
  • The curriculum focuses on a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills
  • The comprehensive program will help you develop investment policy statements for individual and institutional clients, identify and measure performance and risk more accurately and analyze and recommend appropriate traditional and alternative investments and more

Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA)®
Earn your certification in as little as 6-9 months

  • It’s a comprehensive program designed to deepen your understanding of the wealth lifecycle, from accumulation and preservation through distribution
  • The curriculum was designed to help you understand the changing regulatory environment, teaches you to serve the family client dynamic, including the next generation and shows you how to analyze and recommend tax planning solutions
  • It helps you build and manage more effective investment portfolios, assess client risks and propose appropriate insurance solutions and asset-protection strategies and so much more


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Scholarship Allocations

Scholarships are for new applicants only

Awarded Allocations:

Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA)® - Up to $2,000 off

Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA)® - Up to $2,000 off

Retirement Management Advisor® (RMA)® - Up to $1,000 off


All scholarship awards are subject to eligibility. Individuals must also meet the requirements of each designated program. Allocations are subject to availability. One award per person, with a maximum allotment of $2,000 per person. Individuals must commit to starting their program within 6-months of being awarded.

Apply for a scholarship

Apply for a scholarship


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis

Individuals will be notified within 10-days of application.

For more details visit our scholarship page.

Those needing further assistance completing the scholarship application can contact our scholarship department at scholarships@i-w.org.

All scholarship awards are subject to eligibility requirements of each designated program and availability.


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Eligibility & Submission Process

Understanding the enrollment process

The Institute is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in its membership and executive educational programs. Our scholarships were designed to reduce the barriers for entry, and expand the shared perspectives and voices heard throughout our evolving industry. We wish to improve the access to premier professional development and increase the involvement of those underrepresented in the industry.

Who is eligible?

Individuals who:

Are from groups currently underrepresented within the industry, including, but not limited to:
  • African Americans/Blacks, Latinx, Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans
  • Individuals with an ADA disability
  • Are a Veteran
  • Identify under the LGBTQ+ umbrella
  • Registered Investment Advisors who don’t have access to tuition reimbursement programs and are Next Gen Advisors <40 years old
  • Professionals who were impacted by a layoff and are experiencing a career transition
  • Currently work in the field and meet the requirements related to the certification they are seeking
  • Are able to demonstrate financial need
  • Desire to create a more inclusive community and improve the professionalism, ethics and expertise throughout the industry
  • Individuals MUST meet the certification program’s requirements. (Please review the RMA requirements, CIMA requirements, or CPWA requirements).

Submission Process:

  • Recipient must first select a program (Either the CIMA®, CPWA® or RMA® certification)
  • They need to apply and be accepted to the program
  • They need to complete the application form
  • Individuals will be notified via email within 10-days of receipt of the application

Program Requirements

Compare and view each program's requirements here.

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We are here to help

Call our enrollment counselor,  Gray Bullard, or email us at enrollment@i-w.org for a consultation and ask about the “$50K RIA Giveaway”.

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The IWI Scholarship Committee reviews all scholarship applications. Those who meet guidelines shall be awarded scholarships as long as funding for scholarships is available or as long as the Institute runs the scholarship program.

To be eligible for an Investments & Wealth Certification Scholarship, applicants must be a United States citizen or permanent resident with a green card to work in the United States and be a self-identified member of a protected category under the Federal Civil Rights laws (race, sex, age, religion, ethnicity, etc.) or be a self-identified member of a category that has not yet been universally recognized as protected but has been discriminated against, such as lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender or as otherwise self-identified as within a designated by the Institute.

The other designated category for scholarships is financial need. The Institute cannot assess actual wealth and income of candidates. The Institute has determined that financial need shall be based upon how much the employer contributes to the applicants’ certification endeavors. To wit, the program is also designed to help those working within the independent RIA channel who do not get significant employer financial assistance for continuing education and/or participation in voluntary certifications.

If seeking a scholarship under the “other category,” two references from nonrelated persons are required. IWI can keep applications active for the program year to possibly grant acceptance in 3rd or 4th quarters if funds are not available.

Female applicants are eligible for scholarships funded by the Women in Wealth scholarship fund, and applicants from Independent RIA firms are supported by scholarships from the Center for RIA Excellence.

All applicants should have nearly three years’ experience in financial services and meet the qualifications of the certification program for which they are applying. Candidates should also have demonstrated professional, volunteer, or civic/community leadership experience and/or be committed to fully engage and complete the certifications for which they are applying in a reasonable period of time.

Scholarship awards are dependent upon an agreement to enroll into a certification program within 4-6 months upon the scholarship award being granted.