Answers to your general questions about the RMA Capstone classes.

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What's the difference between the Spring and the Winter Capstone?

The Spring Capstone tends to be more of a deep dive. You’re surrounded by other people who have taken or are currently immersed in the RMA program, so you can really dig in. The Winter Capstone is more of a conference experience. We’ve got an RMA-focused track, but you can always choose to attend other breakout sessions instead, if they appeal.

Do I have to start or finish the online course before I register or attend the Capstone?

You can register and attend the Capstone without starting or completing the online course. However, a working understanding of the online material will help you get the most out of your Capstone experience.

If you plan on taking the RMA certification exam at the Capstone, then we strongly recommend completing the online course material in order to successfully pass the exam.

Do I have to take the certification exam on-site?

No, you always have the option of testing with the online proctor. To find out more about the online testing option, contact the certifications department.

Is there a test over the Capstone material?

Coming May 2020. The Capstone On-Demand will provide up to 15.5 CE hours for CIMA, CPWA and RMA certification, including 1 Ethics hour, and up to 14.5 CFP certification CE.

Is there an online Capstone option?

Yes. The RMA Capstone On-Demand is available now. You can take the On-Demand Capstone as either a standalone class or complete it as the Level 2 Executive Education portion of the RMA Certification program.

Are the Capstone fees included in the fee for my RMA certification program?

If you registered for the RMA certification program (bundle option), then yes, that includes the Capstone registration fee (travel and accommodations not included). 

If you purchased only the RMA online course (Level 1), then you will need to pay separately for the RMA Capstone registration fee.



Should I register for the Capstone when I apply for the RMA program?

It's best to first apply for the RMA certification program and then register for your desired Capstone program. If you choose the bundled option when applying for the certification program, Capstone registration fees are included and you will be provided a separate link to register for the Capstone at no additional cost. If you choose to complete your RMA Certification using the a la carte options, you will need to pay registration fees for both the online course and the Capstone program, along with exam fees.

Spring Capstone

April 25-28, 2021, Seattle, Washington

In conjunction with the ACE 2021: Exceptional Advisor Conference

Registration Coming Soon.

If I attend the Capstone in May, do I have to do the general sessions before the Capstone starts and after it ends?

No, but we do count your attendance at those sessions as part of the 15 hours of continuing education for Capstone attendance.

Do I have to pay for both a registration for the RMA Capstone and a registration for the ACE conference?

No. If you are planning to attend the Spring RMA Capstone session, you will register and pay (or it is included in the bundle) for just the RMA Capstone registration. Many of the main general sessions of the ACE conference are included as part of the Spring capstone, so you'll get the benefit of both events.

Winter Capstone

December 7-8, 2020, Hollywood, FL

In conjunction with the Retirement Management Forum

Is there a private RMA Capstone class at this event?

The Winter Capstone is a conference-style capstone, where you can choose freely from the tracks offered during the conference.

How will I know which sessions are most important for my RMA certification knowledge?

All of the conference sessions and speakers at the Winter Capstone/Retirement Management Forum will present fresh and informative retirement-related content. There may be particular sessions marked as RMA Capstone sessions that we encourage you to attend in order to get the most out of your time and to meet other RMA candidates.

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