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Sarah Newcomb, PhD

Behavioral Economist for Morningstar

The Psychology of Intergenerational Wealth Preservation


The United States is about to undergo the largest wealth transfer in history as over $70 trillion is passed to the next generation. This talk overviews some of the emotional and cultural dynamics that come into play when families navigate wealth transfers, and how you can help them ease the transition through communication and family governance practices.


Sarah Newcomb, PhD, is a behavioral economist for Morningstar. In this role, she works to integrate the findings of her research into Morningstar financial management applications and tools. An interdisciplinary scholar, Newcomb has expertise in consumer psychology, economic decision-making, personal money management and cognitive and social psychology, especially psychological barriers to sound personal money management. She is a blogger for Psychology Today and the author of “Loaded: Money, Psychology, and How to Get Ahead without Leaving Your Values Behind” (Wiley, 2016).