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Schyler Adams

Director, Advanced Strategies and Planning Platforms, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Efficiently Diversifying Your Drawdown Strategies

A presentation that will focus on the importance of making sure advisors are efficiently drawing down their client’s assets in retirement. It will show steps to take that will put their clients in the best position for a successful retirement by maximizing their income, by reducing taxes, and decreasing pressure on their investment portfolio in a variable sequence of returns environment when taking income.




Schyler Adams has nearly a decade of industry experience, focusing on financial technology and financial planning concepts to show quantitatively how adjusting inputs within different software programs can lead to better results for the end client. He helped launch financial technology at Allianz Life by beta testing eMoney and MoneyGuidePro®, presenting to wholesalers and advisors and modeling products in software in addition to conducting hundreds of financial technology presentations and trainings. Adams previously served as the director of sales of Questar Capital & Asset Management, helping advisors understand the options for creating an efficient investment portfolio or financial plan for clients.