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Shelley Giordano,

Chair of Funding Longevity Task Force

Author of What’s the Deal with Reverse Mortgages, and co-author of What You Don’t Know About Retirement Income Can Hurt You.

For two decades Shelley has championed the ethical and appropriate use of the home to help smooth the challenges of longevity, market volatility, and unexpected expenses that can derail retirement. Shelley is the Co-Founder of the Academy of Home Equity in Financial Planning at the University of Illinois. She also authored the first book on strategic uses of the housing asset in retirement income planning, What’s the Deal with Reverse Mortgages?. She speaks on reverse mortgage lending at retirement income planning conferences, and for organizations such as NAIFA, FPA, NRLMLA, ABA, and NAHB. Shelly speaks frequently on the radio and appeared live on CNN financial. She has been a regular participant at industry events and specializes in bringing together reverse mortgage lenders with other financial services experts.

Incorporating the Housing Asset in Retirement Planning

Shelley Giordano explains in simple language how to safely and effectively include the home in retirement planning. Shelley shares a clear roadmap to use the HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) to solve financial challenges and four vital pieces of information (the 4 Nevers ©) that demolish the negative lore that attends reverse mortgages. Giordano breaks down how reverse mortgages have changed, and why retirement experts recommend a new approach to them. Join Shelley in this session as she does a thorough review of evolving reverse mortgage safeguards over the years and how retirement income experts recommend them. If you are a financial professional working with retirees, you will want to share these tips with your clients. 


Beginning December 1, 2020