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Susan E. Kay

Vice President and Director of Business Development, MFS Fund

Distributors, Inc.

Susan E. Kay is a vice president and a director of business development at MFS Fund

Distributors, Inc., a subsidiary of MFS Investment Management® (MFS®). She has been

with MFS for more than 25 years.

About Susan E. Kay

Susan E. Kay has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. In her role as a director of business development at MFS, she has traveled extensively, meeting on a daily basis with top advisors from a wide array of firms. She has been invited into their practices and learned about what has led to their success. She has asked advisors about how they market themselves, how they maintain visibility, how they treat their clients to a consistent five-star experience, how they get referrals effortlessly and how they have essentially created raving fans out of their clients.

Kay has lectured widely and is frequently invited to speak on a variety of topics, ranging from developing a client-centric practice and exceeding client expectations to marketing oneself effectively. She shares ideas that develop strong generational reach and tactics that create unparalleled five-star experiences, lectures on using community involvement as a driver for acquiring new clients, highlights strategies for engaging clients in philanthropic planning and reveals tactics that lead to success in marketing to women. She is known for her competence and experience in developing practice strategies in the industry. She is a 13-year member of the National Speakers Association.

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