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Teddy Fusaro

President, Bitwise Asset Management 

Masterclass 2: Crypto For Financial Advisors

Newly wealthy clients will almost certainly have questions about crypto. What is it? Should they invest? And which assets? In this special session, Teddy Fusaro -- President of Bitwise Asset Management, one of the largest and fastest-growing crypto asset managers in the world -- examines the basics of crypto from a professional investor's point-of-view. Ignoring the hype and hyperbole, this presentation will offer plain English explanations of what crypto is, why it matters, and where it's going. You'll learn:

* What is bitcoin? What is a blockchain? And why should financial advisors care?
* How crypto fits into a portfolio as a liquid alternative asset
* The latest on regulation, environmental concerns, and more

You'll leave better able to discuss crypto with your clients, and with a fuller understanding of crypto's risks, benefits, and possibilities.


Teddy Fusaro is President of Bitwise Asset Management, creator of the world's first cryptocurrency index fund. He is an expert on cryptocurrencies, exchange-traded funds, and the development, structuring, and management of regulated novel financial products. Previously, Mr. Fusaro was senior vice president and head of portfolio management and capital markets at IndexIQ, the ETF issuer unit of New York Life Investment Management, a firm with more than $550 billion of assets under management. IndexIQ pioneered the use of self-indexing in ETFs and the use of listed instruments to develop and offer rules-based hedge fund replication strategies in transparent and regulated portfolios. Before that, he was vice president of portfolio management and co-head of trading and operations at Direxion Investments, a $13-billion alternative ETF manager. Earlier in his career, he spent time in both equity derivatives and credit derivatives at Goldman Sachs & Co. Mr. Fusaro earned a BA in political science from Providence College.