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Teri Hollander Albin


Director | Financial Advisor, The Hollander Group

Baird Wealth Management

Evansville, IN

CASE STUDY: How the Certified Private Wealth Advisor® Certification Brings Success

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Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA)


Transitioning a privately-held business from parents to children.


“For the past few years, we have been helping a client family develop and implement a plan to transition their family business. We’ve helped the family evaluate options and identify a solution that allows them to use gifting and dividend strategies to fund the ownership transition and build a more liquid estate that can then be split among all heirs upon death. Working through these aspects of the transition from a family dynamic standpoint can be a complex process.

We have also helped the family work through the steps to eventually allow the parents to phase out of the business from a practical standpoint, such as building out the management team and encouraging delegation of key decisions to the next generation. We have built a plan for how the transition will occur and a timeline for it, and will help the client and their family stick to the planned milestones.

We are helping this family not just plan but make a successful business transition and maintain family harmony. ”

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“I use what we learned in the CPWA program every day with clients. I utilize the CPWA certification core knowledge topics regularly, including understanding executive compensation, plans of businesses, business transition-strategies, and business ownership structures. Knowing these aspects of a business helps me provide a deeper level of service to owners and executives.”

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