Table Host US $1,995
Each table host will receive 7 full registrations (5 advisors and 2 firm staff). Sponsoring firms will receive recognition as a table host.

Table Host + Tabletop Exhibit US $5,000
Upgrade your table host to be one of 6 tabletop exhibitors. Your firm will receive 9 full registrations (7 advisors and 2 firm staff), be recognized as a table host, and will also have a 6’ display table in the exhibit hall to display literature and speak with attendees throughout the program.

Table Host + Tabletop Exhibit + Women in Wealth Panelist US $8,000
Moderated by Herman Brodie, PhD, the Women in Wealth Panel will feature 3 women executives who will discuss Facilitating Behavioural Change. This is a phenomenal opportunity to highlight your firm’s thought-leadership and leading women executives. In addition to the panel participation, your firm will receive 10 full registrations (1 speaker, 2 firm staff, and 7 advisors) along with table host recognition and a tabletop exhibit.

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