Our women in wealth mission is to become the fastest-growing and leading provider of certifications for women in the financial industry




Many individuals turn to the financial industry to have a lucrative and fulfilling career. Of that, women in the financial services represent less than 17% of the industry population and only between 17–25% hold professional credentials, making it more difficult for women to achieve senior level leadership positions in the industry. We want to help change that.


With the rapid speed of technology development, along with the social climate of today and shifting investor expectations, the financial landscape continues to change, creating endless opportunities for women fiercely seeking a career that will challenge and excite them every step of the way.

And, let’s face it, a career in finance opens up many doors, and not just in the United States - -  but around the world, and we want to be part of it! With an increased focus on market expansion, this can lead to global opportunities to shape the economic growth of the economy; a chance for women to have a voice at the table. A place to share ideas. A platform to shape the future of finance, and that feels good to us.



Ready to start disrupting things?

We are committed to being part of the change. Are you?

Come join us in our crusade to empower women around the world and help ignite an industry game-change.



  • To help create more and more DisruptHers, by offsetting the costs of earning advanced certifications for approved applicants
  • We want to arm women with an extensive knowledge base to help them catapult their careers and surround themselves around top talent
  • Provide the tools and resources to help women achieve senior level leadership positions
  • Elevate the knowledge base of women so they can have the confidence and skill-set to solve the most complex investor challenges
  • Introduce women to industry heavy weights
  • Provide a gateway and network for knowledge sharing between exceptional women


  • We want to create forums that bring women DisruptHers to the table
  • To establish a line-up of female conference speakers and webinar hosts
  • To create outlets where women can gain valuable skill-sets and techniques
  • To provide flexible options for women to achieve their advanced credentials
  • Offer scholarships so women can obtain their certification

Get involved

  • There are many ways to make a difference
  • Become a speaker or webinar host
  • Join our women in wealth committee
  • Enroll in a certification program
  • Attend one of our conferences
  • Participate in one of our webinars
  • Refer other women to the Institute
  • Mentor an up-and-coming rising star or sponsor an Institute membership for someone special 


Each year, the Institute brings together hundreds of financial professionals to share the steps they are taking to ensure all women are being represented at every level of the industry. Our Women in Wealth events feature on-stage interviews; panel discussions; interactive networking activities and deep-dive sessions on topics relevant to women in Finance. We are sure you will leave inspired to make a difference in your own firm.

Sunday, February 12
  • Meet Allison Parc, Leading entrepreneur and whisky investor  
  • In conjunction with the Investment Advisor Forum
  • 21 Club New York, NY
  • 5:00pm-7:30pm
  • RSVP to Rosalyn Walker at

Thursday, May 28

  • In conjunction with the Annual Conference Experience
  • Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA
  • Check back for times!
  • RSVP to Rosalyn Walker at

Sunday, October 25

  • In conjunction with the Wealth Advisor Forum
  • Swiss Hotel, Chicago IL
  • Check back for times!
  • RSVP to Rosalyn Walker at

Events are open to both men and women, as we encourage inclusive dialog around the role men play as agents for change.




The Institute offers multiple options for individuals to receive a scholarship towards one of our certification programs.

Consideration is given to those advisors who show a commitment to the advancement of their financial advisory profession and toward the advancement of diversity and inclusion in the financial services industry. 

Scholarships available include the Women in Wealth Scholarship, Diversity/Inclusion Scholarship for members of the LGBTQ community, disables individuals, and minorities, NextGen Scholarship for advisors just getting started in their career and the RIA Center of Excellence Scholarship for independent Registered Investment Advisors.

Scholarships can be used toward the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA), Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA), and Retirement Management Advisor (RMA) designations for qualified recipients. 

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