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Stephen J. Resch

Vice President of Retirement Strategies, Finance of America Reverse

Ed Talk 2:Adding Housing Wealth to a Retirement Income Plan


Retirement planning has traditionally excluded housing wealth, however, with rapidly appreciating home values, and the need to plan for longer lifespans, more advisors are taking a fresh look at reverse mortgages. In this class we will explain how a reverse mortgage works including eligibility, costs, misconceptions, and safeguards. We will then review case studies of using it to supplement asset distribution strategies, manage long term care risks, facilitate Roth Conversions, delay social security and other tax deferred distributions, fund legacy strategies and much more. 




As vice president of Retirement Strategies at Finance of America Reverse, Mr. Resch leads the national education and training programs for financial professionals about the strategic use of reverse mortgages within a comprehensive financial plan. Mr. Resch is also an independent wealth advisor and partner in an investment firm that he started in 1994. His practice is focused on effective retirement income strategies and will often include a reverse mortgage to help safeguard and enhance his client’s retirement distribution and legacy strategies. Mr. Resch is a subject expert source, interviewed by numerous media outlets, and a frequent presenter at financial conferences.